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My real name is Robert, I am 27 and from the UK. I love to work on my website (no im not professional it is just a hobby i never got good at) If you would like to know more Message me.

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We have now added the ability to be able to lock your chests and doors and other blocks.

This has come about becasue players have rewquested it and some members that had joined but not come back had been round looting and people were loosing there hard worked for valubles.

Check out the server help forum on how to fully use the lock's.

Other News

We have now implimented the ability to change your nickname and enabled color changing to your name. This is done with the command /nick. <--- This was a requested feture (fluffymurders)

You are now able to set 2 homes in the world and your bed is classed as one of them. if you do not have a bed spawn set when you die you will go back to spawn.

Bans are now implimented on the server and can be found at Bans in the navigation, Make sure to read up on the server rules as you will be muted temp banned and perm banned for breaking them.

Thanks again,

The SurpriseNetwork Team.

12 days ago

Placing signs
For containers (chests, furnaces, dispensers, etc.) it's easy: just place a sign against the block. BlockLocker will automatically add [Private] to the first line and your name to the second.

You can also place a sign while sneaking, this allows you to add some text to the third and fourth lines. You then need to write[Private] yourself on the first line. You can leave the second line empty, your name will automatically be placed here.

For doors, place a sign with [Private] on the first line against the block above the door. Placing a sign on the block below the door or even on the door itself works too, but looks less nice.

Trapdoors can be protected by placing a sign with [Private] on the first line against the block the trapdoor is attached to.

Editing signs
Right-click the sign and type /blocklocker <line number=""><text> to replace the text on the given line. You can shorten this to /bl <line number=""><text>.</text></line></text></line>

Adding people to the sign
On the third and fourth row of the sign with [Private] you can add the names of up to two friends who may also access the chest. Want to add more people? Place a second sign against the chest. BlockLocker will add [More Users] to the first line and [Everyone] to the second line. If you want to change this, right-click the sign to edit it.

If the name of the person you're adding doesn't fit on the sign, just type as many characters as possible. If the person you're adding is currently online, BlockLocker will be able to complete the name.

If no Minecraft account exists with the name, a ~ is added before the name. However, the ~ is not added for things that don't look like an username, so --text-- won't be changed to ~--text--. This should still give you plenty of options to decorate the sign, while it will still be obvious when name is not a valid Minecraft name.

Special tags

The tag [Everyone] grants everyone access to the protection. The tag [Redstone] grants hoppers access to the container, and allows redstone signal to open doors.

There's also a [Timer:X] tag, where X is a number from 0 to 9. Doors (trapdoors too) will close automatically after the specified amount of seconds. Use 0 to never close the door automatically.


  • /blocklocker <line number=""><text /></line> - places the specified text on the last sign you selected (right-clicked).
12 days ago

Server Rules,

[1] No using any cheats of any kind (glitches, dupes, hacker panels) Report them.

[2] No hate speach or bullying.

[3] No swearing of any kind or any vulgar conversations.

[4] Keep your alt's to 2 per IP, if you have more than this you need to let us know on our forum.

[5] No scamming or looting other players of their valubles and items.

[6] Respect all other players and staff members.

[7] Do not spam the chat, forum or DM's of anyone.

[8] If your skin is inapropriate you will be temp banned till it is changed.

13 days ago

I dont know what else to say but the server is updated to 1.14 and is full survival.

We will as people want this be adding in lockable chests as people dont listen / read the rules of NO LOOTING.

So please read the rules and this wont have to happen. (ill make a poll anyways).


The Surprise Team


13 days ago

Hi all,

We have made a new website to offer minecraft users / server owners a new fresh place to add your server to get some new players.

Sign up --->HERE<--- and spread the word.

we do have premium server places available but this will be keeping this closed untill we have a big enough database of users / servers.

We hope that you get many more users / players on your server from using our new website.

The surprise Team

13 days ago

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