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My real name is Robert, I am 27 and from the UK. I love to work on my website (no im not professional it is just a hobby i never got good at) If you would like to know more Message me.
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Server Rules

Server Rules,

[1] No using any cheats of any kind (glitches, dupes, hacker panels).

[2] No hate speach or bullying.

[3] No swearing of any kind not any vulgar conversations.

[4] Keep your alt's to 2 per IP, if you have more than this you need to let us know.

[5] No scamming other players of their valubles.

[6] Respect all other players and staff members.

[7] Do not spam the chat, forum or DM's of anyone.

[8] If your skin is inapropriate you will be temp banned till it is changed.

4 days ago
Server officialy changed and ready to be played.

As some may have know / seen previously.

the server was origionaly a skywars and skyblock server but since has been changed to a protected survival server as skywars/skyblock was not really the direction we wanted to go.

This has since been changed and now is up and running.

We do still have a few things to such as:

  • Vote crates
  • Shops / selling prices

Once this has been done we will be workign on putting some plugins in to make hte server a little more fun like games and such, This may turn out to make up a bungee network and introducing back in skywars and skybloack and creative.

The Surprise Team.

4 days ago
Give us your opinion

So the server is ready to be used and now at this point playable.

But we dont want it to just where it is now,  so what would you liek to see on the server?

When talkign aobut what you would liek to see, we mean simple things liek games and fun stuff, we want to keep this server survival and not to stray away from that.

Here is a list of things we obviously need to finish.

  • Vote crates
  • Shops
  • Ranks

The Surprise Team.

10 days ago
SurpriseNetwork Server List

Hi all,

We have made a new website to offer minecraft users / server owners a new fresh place to add your server to get some new players.

Sign up --->HERE<--- and spread the word.

we do have premium server places available but this will be keeping this closed untill we have a big enough database of users / servers.

We hope that you get many more users / players on your server from using our new website.

The surprise Team

11 days ago
News, updates and information.

Hello and welcome to SurpriseNetwork.

We hope that you have an enjoyable time here on our website and also on our server too.

if you are new here please look at our T&C'S and our privacy policy, we also advise that you look up on our server rules and keep updated on them.

Once again thank you for joinin up here at SurpriseNetwork

The SupriseNetwork team.

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