SurpriseNetwork Bans

Welcome to SurpriseNetwork Bans's Ban List.

If you have been banned and you would like to appeal this go HERE.

If you have not seen nor know the server rules then please read up below, or do /rules on our server.

--No using any cheats of any kind (glitches, dupes, hacker panels).--

--No hate speach or bullying.--

--No swearing of any kind not any vulgar conversations.--

--Keep your alt's to 2 per IP, if you have more than this you need to let us know.--

--No scamming other players of their valubles.--

--Respect all other players and staff members.--

--Do not spam the chat, forum or DM's of anyone.--

--If your skin is inapropriate you will be temp banned till it is changed--